Major Contracts

My career's major contracts and accreditory memberships pertinent to my applied expertise.
Career History

Business Development Consultant to

2013 - 2017 ADVISORY
(alongside my CLIENT contracts)

Advisory Business Development, Marketing, IR:-  State of Jersey, Government and finance industry.  Single Family Office & Private Wealth Management.  The world's largest investment funds services company.  Board-level M&A - IPO tech and finance industry events organisation  Fasken Martineau (Europe) LLP. International Commercial Law Firm. Magazine for uHNWI, Family Offices and Private Wealth Managers.
www.the wealth journal .net  [currently being acquired] Information portal for global private investment and non-bank finance market. Executive MBA in VC, PE & Investment Banking, in London. [Visiting Lecturer / Mentor & Judge].

2013 - 2017 CLIENTS

Interim Business Development Consultant
Chelsea Corporate Limited 
Throughout April 2017  I worked as stand-in to the CEO, covering his sales requirements, when he took one month's leave from his London Buy-Side M&A firm.
Quickly and efficiently learned the in-depth compliance, due diligence and client-processing requirements of the firm.
As well as handling all in and outbound new client calls and meetings, liaising with staff based around the world, applying due-process,  I independently undertook reconciliation for business development.  In 17 applied days, results were 38 prospective clients sent provisional contracts; 8 of whom were provisional agreements with a prospective revenue generation to CC of a total £3m+!

Marketing Consultant

HedgEmerge Ltd 
February 2016 - June 2016.
Occasional-time-applied Consultancy to this new 'Managed Accounts' UK Hedge Fund of Funds.
I brought 82 potential investors to the CEO in '3 months applied' of non-committal-hours.

Marketing & IR
Rogis [Ltd] (& Gemstone Family Office).
[Contractor died 04 Aug 2016]
I approached prospective investment opportunities, analysed, short-listed, proposed contractual terms, then arranged first-interviews when pertinent.

Marketing Consultant  hi-tech corporate PE Fund.
01 July 2015 – 01 February 2016.
Strategically introduced 520 pre-qualified professional investors-into-PE, to the Managing Partner and Compliance Manager of this convertible-loans PE Fund, plus to other Board position Partners for roadshows and private meetings.  Placed them (completely free of charge) into x2 major Limited Partner events, ran x3 major (100+) Family Office investor events, plus 8 presentation investment functions, plus multiple meetings.

Marketing Consultant  Interim Finance Directors (ICAEW-regulated):  UK SEIS & EIS Funds (FCA-authorised).
01 March 2014 – 30 September 2015
Direct-marketed and introduced over 900 professional-investors and strategic partners to Jenson, including 128 formal strategic-meetings for the CEO, plus over 400 for other senior partners.  Created and ran 25 private functions plus 3 major events; contra-deal placed the management team into 12 major industry events as speakers / panelists / presenters; brought 84 potential clients, 8 target Chairmen, 20 possible new finance director partners; wrote and published promotional articles and adverts in major finance and wealth industry publications. All within a 7 times extended contract totalling 19 consecutive months.

Marketing, IR Consultant

Rampart Multi Family Office (UK)
July 2015 – April 2016.
Occasional-time-applied Consultancy to this UK MFO which is comprised of sixteen Family Offices managed by an independent single family office in London, making investments in property, art, luxury products, established companies, and managed funds.
I brought over £1bn of potential investor deal flow in '9 months applied 'of non-committal-hours.

Marketing Consultant  Rubicon Venture Capital (US to UK event)  European Family Offices Symposium – London
Inviting major investors to these by-invitation-only venture investor events.

Business Development Consultant 
December 2013 - January 2014
Introducing potential investors from my business-contacts database for two JCA portfolio-company projects.

Marketing Consultant
Sooqini Ltd
November 2013 – December 2013 
Introduced strategic potential support-services, partners, investment events and investors from my business-contacts database for the fund raise to support the strategic redevelopment of this HNWI services marketplace.

Marketing Consultant
Atlantic & Pacific Partners 
October 2013
Feasibility researched 2 prospective investments, matching 110 potential investors from my database for ten portfolio-clients, plus other advisory work to the CEO.

A Tier1 VC and Incubator.
Confidential by request of CEO.
Q3, 2013.
An Angel-VC co-fund structure seeking to complete its fund.
I informally introduced the CEO to 52 serial-investor hi-tech entrepreneurs, HNWI and 8 potential strategic partners.

IR Consultant
Ariadne Capital’s ‘ACE’ Venture Capital Fund 
Q2, 2013.
An FCA-authorised venture-capital firm seeking an additional £10m to complete its Fund.
I introduced 168 director-partners of authorised Family Offices; Fund of Funds; Hedge Funds, Merchant and Investment Banks, unknown by any of the VC Firm's Partners.

Founder ('CEO') (part-time, then full-time efforts in 2013)
Integrity Capital Limited 
July 2006 - September 2013.
An investors’ private-market-platform, matching my personal 3,100 venture investors and advisor industry contacts. I was unable to continue involvement with the venture due to my lack of personal cash-flow. I passed it onto an investment banker. (This venture 'soft-launched' in November 2013, then closed in 2015).

Mentor & Judge in Entrepreneurship (occasional)
2008 - 2017
1. University of Chicago-Booth London, Executive MBA 
2012 - 2015
2. School of Communication Arts 
3. National Association of College & University Entrepreneurs 

Access to Finance Coach: Senior Consultant
UK Government: Department for Business Innovation and Skills Growth Accelerator 
June 2013 - September 2013.
‘GrowthAccelerator’ was the UK Government Business Innovation and Skills Department's national initiative in partnership with Grant Thornton, Pera, Oxford Innovation, for formally approved Business Consultants to deliver support to early stage companies seeking support and access to finance.
I was a UK Government Approved Consultant to deliver expertise on Access to Finance ['A2F'] and was head-hunted to be the Head of Business Consultants, England with Pera (I declined option). This UK Government initiative was too admin-heavy, so I discontinued my involvement.

1979 – 2011

Marketing & Investor Relations Consultant, London
2009 - 2011 (Advisor 2012)
Connect Midlands Organisation 
A regional development authority ['RDA'] and industry funded organisation which supported hi-tech/bio-tech/clean-tech based high growth companies through training, mentoring, investment showcasing between businesses, investors and related professional services community.
As a highly networked entrepreneur in the Southeast (UK) I ran 3 start-up and 2 mid-tier London technology-investment events, consulted over 30 client companies and brought 482 sophisticated and regulated investors and six presenting company clients, all from my private network and contacts onto the company's books, all on a one day per week contract totalling 96 applied days.
In June 2011 the new UK Government closed the previous Government's Regional Development Authorities which majorly funded Connect Midlands. Therein Connect Midlands radically downsized and had to refocus its efforts into the Midlands region and small company clients only. I resigned on the very best of terms in December 2011, to help their cash-flow, but continuing to deliver in-good-faith occasional services to the remaining team until their closure in late 2012.

Interim Marketing & Investor Relations Executive, [Founding] Director
Ambeo PLC & Ambeo Capital Ltd
May 2008 – September 2008 
Companies created to explore the market and investment potential for an Airline of very light jets utilized for a new airplane-taxi charter business, to operate from the UK into Western Europe.
I mentored the Managing Director, redirected strategy of the business plans, attained £49K of Government grants, involved leading industry experts, placed the Chairman and £50K private seed investment. I introduced £3m of promised venture capital.
Resigned when investment guaranteed at term-sheet; job done!

Investor Relations & Business Development Advisor 
2007 - 2008
I hosted 3 corporate investor and 2 serial entrepreneur events.
Due diligence assessed 5 companies, arranged venture capital investment agreements with 8.
Assessed 60 early stage companies seeking seed finance whilst member of 8 business angel networks.
Informal Associate to SME Investment network 
Corporate Finance 
Solutions Provider 
London business network 
Corporate Finance Consultancy 
USA & Europe to Asia consultancy 
I formed a team of internationally respected industry specialists to investigate the potential of being the sole-owner of the European license for an Asian based SaaS (software as a service) business. After intensive research and analysis we all decided not to commercialise the license.

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Business Development
Otodio Ltd (& Inc)
2003 - 2006 
A start up software-company for the mobile entertainment and publishing industries.
Though technology incomplete, I raised £425K external investment
- placed Otodio into 28 top technology company events awards
- presented at 42 industry events at total £4k cost (saving 78k)
- engaged senior interim executives at low to no cost at a value of another £500k
- gained letters of intent from many prospects; developed working / positive relationships with multiple UK & USA TMT early-stage venture capitalists / venture capital trusts / corporate venturing teams; private equity investors; Boards & CXOs of the top 12 international banks; mobile-phone manufacturers, operators, suppliers; newspaper & periodical publishers; software manufacturers; text-to-speech companies; related events producers and business press.
I remain a minority shareholder of the business but play no active part in its current status.

Interim Manager, Business Development
Horizon Technologies Ltd
2003 - 2006 
An IT Consultancy and strategic-partner of Otodio Ltd.
I advised and introduced business partners and clients to this firm as part of an agreement with Otodio Ltd.

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Business Development
PerfectPlay Ltd 
2002 - 2004
A two man start-up, we made market-leader in the UK as a branded CD/DVD/Game discs repair business for the retail entertainment industry.
PerfectPlay's clients included companies in games-retail; CD & DVD-rental and retail; photo-processing; distribution; wholesale; production and libraries.
- With my business partner we imported established USA machine technology into the UK for the retail entertainment market.
- Branded, business processed and licensed the products to 100 retail outlets and 200 independent retail client outlets.
- As a two person business, we became the UK B2B Market leader and expanded into Europe against three major well established direct competitors 5x, 10x & 120x larger, who all unsuccessfully undertook an aggressively direct response to stop PerfectPlay's market success.
In mid’2012 PerfectPlay Ltd (part of the Transasian BD Ltd Group of Companies) was acquired for 'a six figure sum' by Total Disc Repair Ltd 

Freelance Technology & Investments Industry Journalist
1996 – 2002
An independent freelance journalist writing 'on new technologies and London-based hi-tech investment events.
Articles published in RedHerring; Tornado-Insider; Computer Weekly; First Tuesday; Computer Services Software Association; Federation of Electronic Industries (now Intellect); CAL-IT;; IIC; Ebusiness Magazine, plus various innovator networks, hi-tech networks and investor networks.

Board Advisor
2002 - 2008
- Harley Street Cosmetic Ltd  a cosmetic production and retail business
- Venesis Ltd  an SME corporate finance business
- Oxbridge Capital Ltd  a USA & Europe into Asia consultancy
- 360 Resourcing Ltd  a Corporate Board Level Executive Search business.
- World Financial Symposium – London  A corporate merger & acquisitions and venture capital event business. I troubleshot the event in 2004 and doubled their delegates (45 to 96) and speaker numbers within six weeks. The 2006 event was 320 delegates and world leading speakers. This led to platinum-sponsor Corum Group buying WFS-UK in 2007.

Interim Manager
1996 - 2003
Tokyo Kikaku Ltd  advertising and creative design agency
Cafe Japan Ltd  cafe
Shiki Restaurant Ltd  four star restaurant
Valetti Group Ltd Language-training to corporate executives (a strategic liquidation).
Oxbridge Capital Ltd  USA/EU/Asia investor and business consultancy
C-Cure Ltd & Trafalgar Computer Group Ltd  sold to the British Standards Institute
E-ssociates Ltd. A business Consultancy to SMEs (later closed after the MD's MBI into a client company)
John Lewis & Associates Business Consultants.

Founder Manager
Euro-Japan Business Club
2000 - 2002
This was founded and run to help my Japanese wife find work after she MBA graduated. From this club I then found company directors needing my business development for turn-around expertise for their companies (see above).

Business Advisor
Central London Enterprise Agency
2002 - 2002
A UK Government-Approved and funded business consulting service to small and medium sized businesses operating within central London.
I gave business advice to over 50 SMEs from many types of industries including retailers, manufacturers and consultancies.

Freelance Business Consultant
1998 - 2002
General business development, sales and marketing consultancy to the owners and directors of multiple types of start-up and SME companies. Mainly one hour to one day advisory work.

Interim Sales Manager
Netlink Internet Ltd
1998 - 1998
An email servers and websites hosting company for businesses.
• First role was to retain 149 clients whose websites had been erased;  I negotiated 148 renewals - at no cost to Netlink.
• In charge of all non-AOL accounts: increased sales by 150%, reduced operating costs and improved marketing and advertising
• All of the above achieved in a business with internal turmoil: 250% staff turnover and loss of all but one of its technical team in 8 months.
• The company was soon-after my departure sold for £20m, based upon my achievements.

ASK Electronics
1997 - 1997
A temporary full-time job to gain immediate income after I terminated my Mediafind venture. A great fun short-term retail-sales role selling hi-fi and hi-tech products.
According to the CEO, Koshik Patel, I became their most successful (revenue and profit) retail salesman in months 3 and 4 (of 4).

Mediafind Ltd [New Business Project]
1996 - 1997
I built a team of board-level 'name' executives from BT and IBM. Then raised corporate-media investment promises of £3.5m. However, the key lead-investor for £2m died at term sheet, funding support disappeared and the Mediafind venture ceased shortly thereafter due to lack of investment and my immediate need to generate personal income.

Professional Memberships
1995 - 2002 Full Membership: Grant Thornton's Media Society.
1992 - 2002 Full Membership: IIC (International Institute of Communications)
1991 - 1999 Full & Committees Membership: CIoJ (Royal Chartered Institute of Journalists).
1990 - 1996 Full Membership: NATFHE (National Association of Teachers in Further & Higher Education).

Visiting Lecturer / Tutor / Courses Writer, and Media Business Consultant
Universities & H&FE Colleges in England
1991 - 1997
I was a highly successful visiting lecturer and tutor in business, print and broadcast media business and media-law [MA, MBA, BSc(Hons), BA(Hons), HND, Diplomas].
I successfully held annually renewed simultaneous contracts with 8 colleges, 4 universities and 2 accreditation boards.
The academic institutions with whom I had formal long-term contracts were, South Thames College; Maidenhead College; Mid Kent College; Farnborough College of Art & Technology; London School of Journalism; Carshalton College; Havering College; Brooklands College; Amersham & Wickham College; ... Surrey Institute of Art & Design University; South Bank University; University of Ripon & York St John; International University of America. .
I also delivered professional workshops to  The UK Radio Academy; Chartered Institute of Journalists; Women's Radio Guild ... and more.
In the final three years I became courses-writer to Diplomas and Higher Degrees [including MBA] to 2 accreditation boards, 3 universities and 10 colleges, plus 2 UK government think-tanks on new-venture creation and support.
My lecturing contact-time was an average 42 hours per week, which was 2.33 times greater than full-time lecturers.
Students on my courses won industry competitions and awards.
Again, from my own initiatives and activities, I raised 'applied-finance' for sound recording studios to be financed and built in 5 institutions.

Professional Memberships
1993 - 1996 Hon Membership: The Media Society (Board Directors of UK Media Companies).
1990 - 1998 Associate Membership: Institute of Broadcast Sound.
1989 - 1996 Full Membership: UK Radio Academy.

Station Sound Manager (industry awards nominee)
Spectrum International Radio Ltd 
1990 - 1991
Europe's first multi-ethnic radio station, based in London.
I technically trained and managed the staff. Managed 4 broadcast studios. Designed and supervised/built an additional 5 production facilities - with international connections.
Throughout my time there was a contingent of 12 full-time and 50 part-time staff, plus multiple guests and temporary assistants.
Spectrum broadcast in 12 languages.
During the Gulf-war I syndicated news and programmes across the world, and was nominated for 2 industry awards.

Full Member
British Telecom Consultant's Service.
1990 – 2001

Freelance Sound Technician, Producer, Presenter
Voice of America News Service; London [News] Broadcasting Company; Canadian [News] Broadcasting Company; PowerPlant Music Recording Studios; Silk Sounds post production ….
1985 - 1990
I was a working-student in 1985, thereon quickly became one of London's "top-gun" freelance sound technicians; producer and presenter across local, national and international broadcast media.
I successfully held simultaneous and renewed annual contracts in leading broadcasting companies.

Health & Fitness Instructor and Occasional Gym Manager
Ravelles Health Club; Ragdales Health Club; Albany Health & Fitness Club
1986 - 1990
On weekends and evenings I gave fitness instruction to club members on machines and free weights.
Then approved to give special requirement programs for doctors-patients and athletes.
On occasional weekends, I Managed the daily running of Ravelles Health Club.

Student (& successful unofficial Representative)
School of Audio Engineering [SAE]
January 1985 - August 1985
I sold all of my possessions and travelled to London from Newcastle upon Tyne to become the first student in the SAE.
As I discovered that the SAE wasn't recognised by any UK authorities, I became their unofficial independent representative and got Government and Industry recognition and support for the SAE.
I also worked part-time to pay for course and living fees in sound recording facilities (see above).
Through my representations, I then gained work in the industry, initially in Producer Robin Millar’s multi-award winning PowerPlant music recording studios

Sales Department and Wages Clerk / Student / Advisor
NEI Parsons / Sandyford Road FE College / Keeping Newcastle Warm.
1979 - 1984
Newcastle upon Tyne