2020 ...

27th June 2020, moved to live in Yamagata City, Japan.
Continuing to provide my services, with the obvious exception of attending meetings and functions.


Gii Finance Group

Head of Private Tax, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Head of PwC Raise, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Stadden Forbes ...

I have known Simon for many years. He is super connected among angels, lead-investors, family offices, early-stage VCs, and more generally the venture finance sector.
I asked Simon to work with me at Stakeholderz to expand our Investor Network, within one month we had over 100 very relevant, personal introductions. In addition, he ran a very successful function with 80 attendees.
He is supreme in what he does and can bring a lot of value very quickly - truly outstanding.
Thanks Simon. There is more to come....
Dermot Hill CEO, Stakeholderz

'I’ve known Simon for nearly 20 years and recently engaged him to help me tap into the investment community for a fundraising project that I’m working on.
He provided me with a quality list of potential contacts and introduced me to them by email.
I’ve since had a number of very helpful conversations and am working my way through the rest of Simon’s list.
His network of contacts in the world of investors is outstanding!'
David B. Horne, AddThenMultiply / Funding Focus

Simon is a source of great knowledge about the Family Office marketplace.
His personal connections are extensive and he has a deep understanding of their decision making and influences - a valued contributor and contact in the sector.
Speaking and working with Simon is always a pleasure, not just for the insight he brings but for his thoughtfulness, preparation and enthusiasm too.'
David Barks, Savanta


'Simon has been an incredible mentor, friend and above all a highly regarded person in the Family office space, among business circles, entrepreneurs across Europe and abroad. I met Simon for the first time in 2018 at the Family office conference and he is an embodiment of true professionalism and a person with high integrity, ethics. Above all, his willingness to help others and help them succeed places him in a unique position.
When I decided to run my first Family office conference in Mumbai in early 2019, Simon helped me put together a strategic plan and with regular checkups, he always ensured that I was aiming high and was aligning with the strategy of providing value add to the customers.
Simon also helped and encouraged me to enter the London market through the Family office conference in September 2019. He took personal attention in inviting genuine Single Family offices (more than 100+ and free of charge) from his network, connected me to various entrepreneurs and funds for the sponsorship and to various formal and informal networks within London and abroad.
Conference wouldn’t have been humongous success without the guidance, assistance, and mentorship of Simon. He truly played an incredible role going above and beyond in driving the international event to success and I am truly indebted forever for his thought leadership, integrity and kindness in all his actions.
I highly recommend Simon, endorse his abilities and network and wish him good luck in all his future endeavors.'
Kiran Dutta, Managing Director
Soho Ventures
Family Offices Investors events

Simon is a prolific business developer who has an extensive network of senior venture investment professionals which we wanted to tap into; under contract.
As a result of his efforts we have met a selection of very pertinent and interesting potential clients; these have come from direct introductions and involving us in investment communities functions and events, run by himself and professional organisations.
Joe Truelove, Business Development Director,
Trident Trust Guernsey [International Fund Administrators]

‘Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Simon. He is incredibly well networked and has been very helpful in introducing me to potential partners.
We are working with Simon on a few projects within the family office connected space, both fundraising but also providing a highly innovative Property prefab Technology a potential strategic partner, introduced by Simon.
Simon shows true integrity and honesty in everything he does and he keeps meetings very professional but also has a good sense of humour which is a joy.'
Marc Peterzens,
Partner, G9 Private Office Europe
Director , Blue Titan Capital Limited

‘Simon is well known as an expert at marketing, proficient in tech, finance and media, but more importantly, he is a man of his word. Whatever Simon says, he does. He goes beyond the call of duty and expectation. I highly recommend him, as a colleague or as a business partner.’
Damir Cimer,
Board Member, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

'What's not to love about Simon. He has a consistent infectious enthusiasm for making the connection and enabling business between like-minds. As a new fund we worked with him to get out to market and meet new people in our domain. He delivered in spades and we'll continue to work with him as we grow.'
Dan Bowyer, Co-Founder, Superseed Ventures

'Simon Gall is one of those fantastically well connected people who always seem to know how to reach the right audience. And if he isn't connected with them yet, he will find a way to be. We have enjoyed working with Simon Gall on past projects and look forward to doing so again in the future.'
Mads Jensen, MD of Superseed Ventures LLP, VC fund.
Results in contract 1's 160 hours in three consecutive months =
Investment into Superseed Ventures from a Family Office; Associateships arranged; 08 venture-investor events attended solely by Simon; 01 co-arranged a Superseed presentation to many invited LPs & SFOs; arranged 11 free of charge hon guest attendance for Superseed at LP & SFO investor events; arranged Superseed to be free-of-charge Speakers at 4 LP & SFO events; 09 free of charge VIP Guest-attendance investor events; 54 strategic investor meetings, plus scheduled calls with international investors; Well-read promotional articles about Superseed in LinkedIn, Family Office Magazine, GAIM and select online finance-networks.

'I have known Simon for many years. He has assisted us with marketing our functions to his amazing network which has produced excellent results.
He is highly regarded amongst the financial and investment sectors and always manages to help find the right people/person to hook you up with - if you give him the brief of your problem, he will help resolve it.
He is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to our working relationship in the future.'
Tina Compton, Managing Partner
tx2 Events

'Simon has been amazingly helpful to our efforts in the UK and introduces us to industry people, potential sponsors an families and whenever we needed help – was fast to react and always kindly and professionally.
His impressive rolodex has highly assisted our efforts in doing family office conferences in the UK.'
Denny Chared, Managing Director
DC Finance [Single Family Offices investor events]

'Simon has been an excellent business development consultant to Converge over the last few months.
The people and businesses he has introduced me to have been of consistently high quality.
Simon has also been very generous with his time and advice and is always happy to make time for a phone call or a quick catch up when possible.
Highly regarded and respected within the financial and investment sectors in particular, Simon is an excellent resource for anyone looking to build a strong and valuable business network.
It's an absolute pleasure to work with him.'
James Tennant, CEO & Founder,
Converge Group Ltd
Engage Magazine
JD Copywriting.


3 months Strategic Marketing and Business Development = 900 select venture-investment and technology industry  connections  for Hambro Perks.
[Working solo, with a marketing budget of zero] he placed our Chairman as Key Speaker into 2 major tech-investor conferences,
created and ran a single-family-offices LP invstors function; placed our investment managers free of charge into 8 major industry events;
representation in 35 events; 80 investment-Memorandums to professional-investors; initiated strategic partnerships;
published promotional-articles in LinkedIn and FamilyOfficeMag; brought 8 top-quality prospective portfolio companies; ...and more.
Vincent Menot, Chairman's Advisor,
Hambro Perks Services Ltd [hi-tech venture capital].

'I welcome endorsing Simon, to senior professionals, directly referred by him to me.'
Amer Vohora, Partner & Chief Client Officer
VALUEworks AG Investment Bank

'Simon is known as a very effective senior business development and communications professional, by CXOs in the technology and finance industries.
Above all else his career is based upon an unswerving integrity and kindness in all of his actions.'
Kevin Meagher, European Entrepreneur of the Year
Director, Intamac / GM, Lowes Inc [HomeDepot].



Simon and I have occasionally worked together consulting, mentoring and trouble-shooting companies in Southeast England. He opts to specialise in business development, but has such a good understanding of business he should be a CEO. He is very highly regarded by many senior professionals in innovation, high-growth companies and the venture finance industry. With the right support team, he’ll make any business develop faster, better more connected and financially sound. He has great humour, is very trustworthy, a gentleman. I highly recommend him to all.'
Mr Chris Birkle, Interim FD & CFO to Mid-Tier UK Companies.

'I worked as Simon’s CFO in Integrity Capital and later as an occasional Advisor. Simon is highly-regarded by the serial-entrepreneurs, business-advisors and authorised-investors communities. This is because he has a great understanding of business and cuts to the crux of the situation with a very gentlemanly and practical approach. A good and trustworthy person. I always look forward to working with him.'
Mr Kym Kingwill, CFO & Finance Director to International Corporates,

'I have known Simon Gall for four years, having met him whilst representing the Funds industry in Jersey in which he was also involved. Simon has that rare combination of both generating excellent ideas coupled with the ability to implement them successfully. Simon is exceptionally well connected within the investment sector and has always been ready to share useful contacts and make introductions. I recommend him highly and endorse both his abilities and network.'
Elliot Refson, Founder and Chairman, Jersey Hedge Fund Managers Group.

'I strongly recommend working with Simon Gall. He is efficient, well networked, trustworthy, and successful. A man who gets things done!'
In April 2017 as holiday-cover Interim: results were 38 prospective clients sent provisional contracts.
Ran Carmon, Managing Director, Chelsea Corporate Ltd
www.ChelseaCorporate.com  London Buy-Side M&A firm

2014 -2016
'Simon has one of the most powerful technical, financial and professional service networks in London coupled with an equally powerful network of family offices.
By track record, he is an entrepreneur who has founded companies and raised money himself.
Any company building a business in the financial, technology and communications sectors would be wise to work with him.
I find Simon dedicated, technical and honest. He is a hard working individual and I very much enjoy working with him [2008 - to-date].
His energy and experience add tremendous value to someone looking to develop new business or navigate a new industry sector or target market.
He thinks out of the box with realistic expectations and this helps in formulating and carrying out a plan.
Simon is a natural networker and excellent host. He possesses a unique detail knowledge of his contacts and delivers on his promises.'
Ray Ingram, European Marketing Manager, Fasken Martineau (Europe) LLP,
[now] Advising Boards of London based Tech' Companies.
[then] http://www.fasken.com/en/home/   International Commercial Law Firm.

'Completely independently, Simon introduced 520 pre-qualified professional investors-into-PE, to the Managing Partner and Compliance Manager of this convertible-loans PE Fund, plus to other Board position Partners for roadshows and private meetings..
He strategically placed them (completely free of charge) into x2 major Limited Partner events, ran x3 major (100+) Family Office investor events, plus 8 presentation investment functions, plus multiple meetings.
This work plus direct introductions brought them into direct contact with all requested 'name' investors and many more.
All of this within a 3 times extended contract, totalling 9 consecutive months. Exceptional work.'
Paul Jenkinson, Managing Partner
https://whitespaceventures.com/corporates/  hi-growth, hi-tech PE fund.

I contacted Simon in September [2015] last year.  He is liked by family office friends as a good marketing man.
He is providing very good connections to co-investments for Rogis [family office] projects.
Very much a gentleman and good hearted man.
He is very business wise. I checked Simon's history [due diligence] and discovered he has often started innovative business projects 'ahead of their time'.
I like working with him and value his business acumen.
Igor Shtutin, Director (& Family Office Manager).
Rogis [Ltd] (& Gemstone Family Office).
[Unfortunately Igor died in an accident on 04th August 2016 MailOnline ]

'In well documented and managed delivery, Simon, totally on his own initiative and application, without any support, introduced over 900 professional-investors and strategic partners to Jenson, including 128 formal strategic-meetings for the CEO, plus over 400 for other senior partners. Again on his own, he created and ran 25 private functions plus 3 major events; contra-deal placed the management team into 12 major industry events as speakers / panelists / presenters; brought 84 potential clients, 8 target Chairmen, 20 possible new finance director partners; wrote and published promotional articles and adverts in major finance and wealth industry publications. 
All of this within a 7 times extended contract totalling 19 consecutive months.'
Due this quality and success, I contracted his expertise for Whitespace Ventures [see above].
Paul Jenkinson, Founding Partner, Jenson Solutions Ltd and Jenson Funding Partners
www.JensonSolutions.com  (Interim Finance Directors)
www.JensonFundingPartners.com  (UK SEIS & EIS Funds)

'Simon has helped me in numerous ways (and jurisdictions) since we first met on London’s funds circuit some years ago now. This is someone who places integrity at the core of everything he does, evident through every introduction he makes and transaction he is involved in. Couple that with being good company – I could not advocate more strongly. Jersey individuals in particular (of course), but those in the wider network, do take this as a full endorsement and recommendation to make contact.'
Richard Nunn, Business Development Director - UK, now GCC at Jersey Finance
www.JerseyFinance.je  The Channel Island State of Jersey's international finance centre

'I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Simon early in 2015 just as we were setting up the new business. Since that point through direct introductions and indirectly through events he has run I have met a number of professionals that have enhanced our proposition, our network and led to various other opportunities.
Simon is one of those people you should meet, his energy and enthusiasm appear limitless, coupled with a good sense of humour and broad knowledge base this all makes him a natural networker and relationship builder.
As I am sure it is apparent I would have no hesitation in recommending Simon to anyone in the financial sector looking to develop and market their business.
I very much look forward to continuing to work with Simon in the future.'
Ben Nightingale, Director, Stadden Forbes
www.StaddenForbes.com  £100m+ Single Family Office & £110m+ Private Wealth Management

'I have had the pleasure of working with Simon on a number of projects [2014 - to-date] and each time he has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and a clear understanding of the financial sector. Simon is very well connected within multiple segments (Family Offices/Hedge Funds & Wealth Management) and gives projects his full attention to ensure exceptional results. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Simon as I am confident he can/will add value to a variety of organisations.'
Richard Hutton, Business Development Manager, SS&C Technologies (£multi-billion+ FUM)
www.SSTech.com   The world's largest investment funds services company.

'I have worked with Simon many times [2012 - to-date], primarily on the larger events I have organised over the years. He is an excellent networker and seems to have a knack of getting the right people to speak to each other to form partnership opportunities. His wide knowledge of the tech and financial services industries is second to none. He is often called upon to assist in delivering people, content and topics.
Working with Simon has been an enormous help to me both in my past role as an Events Director and he is now assisting me with broadening my network for my own events.'
Tina Compton, Managing Director, TX2 Events.
[now] www.TX2events.com   Board-level M&A - IPO tech and finance industry events organisation
[then] Intellect UK, & Tech UK.
'We have known and worked with Simon for many years. He has assisted Ascendant in many areas, but especially in Business Development. His extended network of quality [venture-investors] relationships in the media and technology industries has frequently delivered interesting opportunities for our corporate finance business. So much so in fact, that we proactively formalised our relationship with him so that he is now a key member of our Associate Network.'
Stuart McKnight, Managing Director
Ascendant [corporate finance] Ltd

'From the first time I met Simon, I have always been impressed with his understanding of venture finance and business in general. He has an amazing network of VIP contacts who speak highly of him personally and professionally. He’s very friendly, helpful, honest and unpretentious, with a great sense of humour. If you are considering doing business with Simon, I highly recommend you do not hesitate to contact him!'
Clinton Lee, Founder, the [M&A] Exit firm

'Simon really understands the value of trust in business relationships and that it is all about the long game.  He is one of the best networked people I know within the financial and investment worlds that he inhabits.  If you want to access a particular niche of that world and grow your company or fund, no better person to help you than Simon.'
Damon Oldcorn, MD, Oldcorn & Oldcorn.
https://uk.linkedin.com/in/DamonOldcorn   Serial Investor & Tech Companies Chairman
'Simon is the sort of person you want in your corner. Unstinting in his effort, good humour and network, he always delivers excellent value for money whilst maintaining the highest level of customer service and ethical standards. I heartily recommend Simon and look forward to the chance of working with him again soon. Service category: fund-raising
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.'
Raj Singh, CEO www.Sooqini.com  HNWI concierge services

'Mr Simon Gall has been useful as a [business development] consultant. He has given good advice and help initiating investment partnerships. 
Knowledgeable in marketing to international [technology] investors.  He has my support and recommendation.'
Sir Paul Judge

'Simon has strong entrepreneurial instincts and would make a great addition to the team promoting or raising funds for any early stage venture.'
Gary Waller, MP and Board Director, Which? Limited
www.Which.co.uk  information publisher

'I met Simon Gall after he founded the private market funding platform named Integrity Capital Limited ['IC']. From my initial contact when an investment banker, then working with him on IC, I experienced first-hand his positive innovative and entrepreneurial abilities. He is without-fail highly regarded by all of the many specialist advisors and fund managers he knows whom we quickly and easily met for strategic partnerships; all of them mentioning his obvious business acumen, honesty and likeability. Wherever he provides his services I expect he'll continue to be very well regarded and promoted. I look forward to working with Simon again.'
Harjoth Singh, Director, Integrity Capital Ltd
www.IntegrityCapital.co.uk regulated-investors investment market

'When CEO of Imprima Group, we decided to invest £500K and Imprima's full services into developing Simon's Integrity Capital professional investors platform. Unfortunately, Imprima's new owners cancelled this work alongside all other new developments. After my sabbatical, I then was delighted to become Non-Executive Chairman of Integrity Capital Limited [‘IC’]. It looked to become the first de-facto online resource intelligently matching registered, established, trading companies with fully authorised investors, using a simple but structured due diligence platform. Simon is an impressive independent and original thinker, fun to work with a high EQ.'
Frank Goovaerts, CEO, Imprima Group then Non-Executive Chairman, Intetgrity Capital Ltd.

'Simon has a diverse, well-vetted network and he is adept at putting the right people in touch for mutual success. He is extremely approachable, personable and highly professional. When I relocated my business to Dublin in 2009 he opened doors for me in both the UK and Ireland, and I am working with him once again while I’m back in NYC.'
Beth Lauren, MD, Beth Lauren Ltd (& companies).
www.BethLaurenltd.com  Film Producer


'Through recommendations the Connect Midlands organisation engaged the expertise of Simon Gall as our London Investor Relations Consultant, throughout 2009/10/11. He is a highly networked entrepreneur in the Southeast (UK) who helped us make successful [did 99% of the independent work] 3 start-up and 2 mid-tier London technology-investment events, consulted over 30 client companies and brought 482 sophisticated and regulated investors and six presenting company clients from his private network onto our books all on a one day per week contract. I thoroughly recommend Simon as a very effective and likeable professional.'
John Griffiths, MD, Connect Midlands organisation
'Having worked closely with Simon on a number of research projects during the early days at Integrity Capital Ltd, I admired Simon for his industry expertise, tenacity and his professional approach to work. To me he was personable, inspiring and a great mentor. He encouraged me to think outside the box, opened up my eyes to opportunities and made me believe that everything is possible. Without him, I would never be close to where I am now and I look forward to an opportunity to work with him again in the future.'
Linh Tran, Investment Analyst, Capital Partners Group


'I have known Simon personally since 2010 and of his excellent reputation before that. I am delighted to be part of Simon's initiative with Integrity Capital and his growing network of high impact business people.'
Paul Ash, CEO Basalt Global Ltd & Director Rockpool Investments LLP
www.BasaltGlobal.com  &  www.Rockpool.uk.com

'I have known Simon for over 10 years. He is a highly connected marketing and business development professional, highly regarded by investors and company founders as a "safe pair of hands" and an innovator.'
Mike Escott, Director, Briceamery Capital (VC).

'Without seeming forced, Simon has the gift of being able to make powerful introductions that have really helped propel PrivateFly forward.'
Adam Twidell, CEO, PrivateFly Ltd
www.Privatefly.com   (the private jet booking network, voted "the hottest website in travel" by Times Online)

'Simon is first rate at building trusted relationships and developing business.
He has a first class network and knows how to get people on-side.
Highly recommended for opening doors for you.'
Gavan Burden, CEO, BurdenDare Ltd (Active Angels Investor Network)

'Simon networks effortlessly, has a good eye for business opportunities, is internationally savvy and knows how to grow businesses.'
Henri Winand, CEO, Intelligent Energy (World Economic Forum's Economic Pioneer 2006)
'Simon is a consummate networker combined with searching strategic thinking. Watch out - great ideas come from working with him!'
Peter Gardner  
[then] Sector Head for Media &Technology,
3i plc Venture Capital
'Simon is an excellent communicator and networker, with extensive sales and marketing skills. He contributed substantially to the development of the business when we worked together and I hope to be able to work with Simon again in the future.'
Roger Keenan, Managing Director, City Lifeline Ltd
Founding Director, Horizon Technologies Ltd
'I have known Simon for several years. We first came together at Otodio when I was the interim CTO and he was Co-Founder leading the fund raising and business development efforts.
Simon is the most connected and most tenacious person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His work ethic, energy and drive to succeed are unique. Simon and I have become firm friends and were it possible I would like to find a way for us to work together again. He would be a real asset to my organisation.
If you are looking for someone to take the lead in transforming your business into a thriving sales led organisation I would thoroughly recommend you speak with Simon.'
Peter Borner, Managing Director, Axispoint Solutions Ltd
[now] www.Percipiencellp.com  
[then] www.Axispoint.com 
[previously] Interim CTO'1' of Otodio Ltd & Inc,
VP Global Web Operations Sony Music International,
CTO of G-Tech Europe.
'Simon is at the forefront of the breed of entrepreneur with his core values based on scruples and ethics.
He obviously has a keen eye for business potential and subsequent incubation and exit. He can embellish any opportunity with his business development insights and experience.
But for me Simon's core competencies around business idea creation, highly developed cultural awareness, 'win-win' attitude, his openness (and passion) to help and connect others.
His long term relationship-building style and extensive high quality network coupled with his rocket high cognitive and emotional IQ are a few of the reasons I would emphatically endorse Simon without hesitation.'
Ralph Harvey, Global Technology Manager, NASDAQ.

'I have known Simon for over 4 years, and during this time Simon has been instrumental in helping to build the business investment & incubator model that Venesis operates.
His deep understanding of the venture capital market in the UK and the connections he has makes Simon a unique individual and someone I would highly recommend to any business that is entering the VC market. Simon's insights and experience will prove invaluable.'
Adrian Giles, Managing Director, Venesis Limited
'Simon is super-knowledgeable on a range of business/VC/start-up/fund-raising subjects and very well-connected. He goes out of his way to help people and I've always found him to be professional and a man of great integrity.'
Marco Schiavo, CEO, Nickleby Capital & Salt.
www.NicklebyCapital.com  Venture Capital
'An experienced, knowledgeable, well connected and trusted adviser in his field. Highly recommended.'
Robin Davies, Managing Director, Venturehaus Ltd 
'When I was considering buying a recently established company, I found Simon's advice and knowledge extremely useful. Not only does he understand the complexities of developing a business, he's done it in real life, which is invaluable.'
Martin Sims, CEO, Policy Tracker Ltd
'Mr Simon Gall was recommended to me as a highly respected London based business development director. He showed consistence as a fair minded and considerate man.
He promoted Hedge Fund exchange to a wealth of influential and high-level decision makers in the City. I look forward one day to welcoming Simon as a key member of our Board. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value.'
Nick Choukair, CEO, Hedge Fund Exchange Ltd
'Simon is insightful, with good common-sense approach to business based on a wealth of experience. I am happy to recommend him as an outstanding business advisor.'
Kenneth Campbell, Managing Director, Big Green Book Ltd & BGB Consulting.
'Simon has an extensive network of contacts. He understands the value of developing relationships. These relationships are of value in a world where Word Of Mouth Marketing is a key driver. Experience of establishing organisations from scratch and contributing at Board level.'
Alan MacKelworth, Chairman, Alan MacKelworth & Co Ltd
'Simon is an energetic and well known entrepreneurial [business development, marketing] advisor with good access to finance sources and knowledge in the internet & mobile space. Personable, Expert, Creative!'
Patrick O'Connor-Read, CEO, MATV Ltd
'Simon has an excellent work ethic and is very creative in his ideas. His execution and implementation is unrivalled. I am glad I have had the opportunity to work with him.'
Eric Stevens, COO, Lorachell International Inc, USA.

'I have worked with Simon in developing an (Incubator) project concerning SME funding - his input has been invaluable - he always offers a different angle of view in addressing issues. Has a very broad base of business experience - this comes through when working on a project.'
Bruce Garvey, Managing Partner, Interregnum Capital Partners LLP

'Simon is very driven and an entrepreneur at heart. He thrives at problem-solving and enjoys technology challenges. He is articulate and I have enjoyed [on-stage] speaking with him on numerous technology issues in the past and continue to do so.'
Madhuban Kumar, Partner, Ereni Partners VC & Siemens Venture Capital.
'Simon is a true go-getter and networker, with a strong sense of personal integrity. While being open-minded and egalitarian in outlook, he maintains a strong core of caring for others. He is also a brilliant problem-solver with a natural gift for navigating the many twists and turns faced by businesses at all stages of growth.'
Phil Inje Chang,
[Then] & Product Development, Practical Innovation & Change Ltd, Asia.
[Now] International Product Manager, Mobile at Wikimedia Foundation Inc

'Simon was recommended to me by a leading London VC, and from our first meeting it was evident why he is so sought by CEO’s in the high tech sector. He is an extremely well connected and engaging individual, with a strong track record of bringing in high net worth individuals to both established and start-up businesses. Moreover, he is an accomplished market strategist, foreseeing new opportunities, and engaging clients with a clear rationale of the relevant benefits that a technology has to offer. I have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with Simon for over one year, taking Otodio’s technology into London’s major financial institutions. He is a very impressive client facing individual: enthusiastic, knowledgeable and masterful in his negotiating style.
If you are looking for a prime mover to drive your business forward, I would strongly recommend that you give Simon a call. I look forward to the opportunity of working with him again.'
Iain Rogers,
[now] Principle Consultant, Morrison Miller Associates Ltd
[previously] senior marketing director in ‘named’ Corporates.
'With the right team and venture Simon will do well.
He has the charisma and makes sense in his marketing views.
I will be pleased to work with him in the future.'
Gerry Lemberg
Chairman, Silver Fox Venture [Capital] Partners

'Given the chance and ethical reason, Simon could sell snow to Eskimos.'
Christopher Weston,
Serial Investor (& Chairman) in TMT companies; an Otodio Investor.
Chairman & CEO, Phillips Auction Group International and Foreign & Colonial Bank.
'Simon is a very experienced and well networked serial entrepreneur widely known, and respected across the UK's TMT seed capital and new ventures communities.'
Steven Dotsch, MD, WirelessMatch Investors Network
[previously] Partner, Venture Capital in Hill Samuel, Singer & Friedlander, Libertas Capital.
'Throughout my long career I have enjoyed working alongside some of the great businessmen at the top of their industries. I am sure that one day very soon - with the right team, finances and project - Simon Gall shall successfully join the ranks of the top entrepreneurs!'
Simon Clifford.
[now] Corporate Accountancy & Finance;
An investor into my company Otodio.
Institute of Chartered Accountants - Board of Ethics.
[previously] BT Mobile, Group Finance Officer.
'As Business Consultant thereon to Acting General Manager [2002] in the Valetti Group he proved to be a unique individual whose services to the Valetti companies rose above our best expectations of him. We found him to be unpretentious, likeable, friendly, knowledgeable and very effective in all of his duties and associated roles.'
Veronique Jones,
[previously] CEO of the Valetti Group of Ltd Companies.
.....'I’m pleased to say that I have valued his friendship and business acumen since that time.'
[now] Assessment Services, £50m+ Projects Manager, Xerox Global Services.
'Simon Gall has been an excellent partner for Cityzone because he has very good ideas, great energy and first class contacts, is a doer and is utterly reliable.'
Ronan Bryan
Managing Director, Cityzone Ltd (London CXO Business Networks)

2002 to 2006
'It is with great sadness that I received Simon's resignations; his understandably moving on into other innovative commercial ventures.
To say he made a great contribution to PerfectPlay and Otodio would be an understatement!
We built PerfectPlay Ltd and Otodio Ltd & Inc together: Simon's broad entreprenerial abilities excelling in managing PR, communications, investor relations, business development, marketing, sales and fund raising.  He is very easy to work with, a man of great integrity and vision.
I look forward to the next commercial opportunity to again work with Simon.'
Peter Bond, CEO, PerfectPlay Ltd & Otodio Ltd & Inc.
[sold to www.totaldiscrepair.co.uk   ]
[then] www.otodio.com    
'Simon is a very well known and respected professional: one of the best business development professionals in the UK not yet in a multi-national company.'
Peter Hewkin (February 2006) , CEO Cambridge Business Network
'Simon Gall came highly recommended by an ex client as one of the best Business Development Directors in the UK. As well as being a very respected and networked individual, he has also proven a great Advisor to my business and brings in clients of a very high calibre. He certainly lives up to his repute as a man who makes businesses accelerate.'
Andy Gilbert (August 2005) , MD 360 Resourcing Ltd
'He has been Board Advisor to Harley Street Cosmetic for 4 years. He has invaluable ideas and contacts which have helped us move forward. His work is always on budget and on time. I can only highly recommended Simon and give him praise for his hard work in our cosmetic company.'
Dr Cuross Bakhtiar (May 2005), Managing Director, Harley Street Cosmetics Ltd

1996 to 2002
'Simon Gall is great fun to work with.  Doesn't suffer fools. Has impressive knowledge. Good contacts. Thinks in and out of the box.  Got results, where outsourced companies had previously failed!'
JM, Chairman, UK Venture Capital Group private network.
'Simon brought multiple senior investment and corporate firms into contractual relationships.   A gentleman with great patience, expertise and knowledge.
We continue to seek his expertise as an Associate for our company and can recommend him to any other venture capital, corporate or independent incubation firm and those who may consider employing him as a Director or Senior Consultant.'
Kenny Tang, CEO, Oxbridge Capital Ltd.
'I found Simon Gall to be a well-respected and networked businessman within the UK hi-tech and media related early-stage companies and associated venture capital communities. At all times he was most effective, enterprising and swift in his assistance when called upon to provide his Business Development expertise. A very likeable and trustable man.'
Managing Director , Swiss Overseas Economic Development Authority (UK) Ltd.
'Simon's grasp of the way both the venture capital ecommerce marketplaces evolve is highly impressive.  He has shown that he has an excellent appreciation of what is required to create a successful business in the new economy and has provided wise counsel to us.'
Mark Ritchie, CEO, Andromeda Interactive Ltd & The Touchpaper Group Ltd.
'Throughout his time with E-ssociates Ltd we and our clientele found him to be a very valuable asset to our business. His advice, dedication, integrity and work we found to be unquestionable and of the highest quality.'
Suzanne Carnall , MD, E-ssociates Ltd ( MBI'd into VC funded client www.golf-surgery.com  )
'I came to appreciate his strengths of honesty, empathy with clients, diligence applied to a broad knowledge of best practice in business. ...His greatest strength is his holistic approach to...strategic thinking, building team confidence, directing new and better alternatives in marketing, sales, communication, public relations, partnerships and general business development.'
John Lewis (now deceased)
Chair, John Lewis & Associates (leverage investment & turn-around syndicate).
'He proved himself to be the most impartial and most practical advisor...and an effective and trustworthy professional. A person who cuts through the current industry-wide hyperbole and produces worthy business advice.'
Bill McClellan, MD, Production Base Ltd.
'Simon Gall is a man of many practical talents and abilities supported by a wealth of expertise. I can highly recommend him.' 
Mr Takeshi Yonemori, MD, RankGold UK Group of Ltd Companies (Japan).
'Working with him on a multi-million pound venture...I found Simon Gall to be that rare combination of an independent analytical mind mixed with a very visionary and energetic, entrepreneurial spirit. A man who gets results. I certainly look forward to working with him again.'
Charles Steven Adams, Senior IT Consultant, IBM Europe.
'He did amazing work for [two of] my businesses in London within a very short period of time. Mr Gall is an Entrepreneur whom I am confident shall also become a leading-light in the not too distant future.'
Group CEO, Life Commune Group [International] Japan.
'From our first meeting with Simon we found him beneficial. Simon acted as our External Advisor, giving us practical advice and alternative ideas on our negotiations in the acquisition of venture capital. We look forward to working with Simon again.'
John Monteith (now retired), CEO, Qdos Media Ltd.
'Simon was well respected for his investigative qualities and his ability to present coherent reports on complex matters.  We [the Board] are confident that had Simon Gall been allowed to extend his contract we would have been successful in either securing funds or establishing a technology partner relationship.'  
Mike Escott, Chairman, Trafalgar Computer Group (of companies) Ltd. [trade sale in Q1, 2007 to the British Standards Institute].
'Simon Gall very quickly proved he could build and establish very high level business deals with such entrepreneurial vigour that it leaves others standing in his wake. A man to have on your side and woe betide you if he's your competitor.'
Ian (now fully retired). CTO, C-Cure Ltd. (see UK Ministry of Defence / HMSO).
'Working with him was in many ways a refreshing experience. He is a creative, highly motivated individual with a deep understanding in cultural differences, who helped us greatly to seek and develop UK market opportunities.'
Mr Junichi Kurosawa, Executive Director, Tokyo Kikaku Ltd, Japan.
1991 to 1996
'His experience in the industry has enabled him to support his well researched lectures with case studies from the real world and to bring in major figures from the industry as guest lecturers.'  
Larry Baker, Head of Department, BA(Hons) Media Studies degree;
The Surrey Institute of Art & Design University College.

'Simon wrote and lectured the radio production and media law units of the BSc program. He also specified and installed professional quality audio studios. In addition he wrote and delivered a number of specialist radio production units, often working out-of-hours on special assignments and projects.
He was a gifted academic and media professional, well known and sought-after by the higher education centres across the Southeast of England. ...I can thoroughly recommend him as a dedicated, hard working, professional colleague!'  
Trevor Harris, Head of Department, BSc Media in Society degree;
South Bank University.

'I am very happy to confirm that Simon lived up to all our expectations of him.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him!'
Alan Harding, Head of Department, HND Media with Business Studies course;
Farnborough F&HE College of Technology.

'For five years Simon taught audio and radio production BTEC & C&GLI diplomas as Visiting Lecturer, and Tutor. He rewrote and improved all of these modules. His excellent industrial contacts and experience brought success in funding substantial new equipment. Under his sole guidance, students won a national radio competition sponsored by Warner Bothers. We would have no hesitation in re-employing him.'
Mark Trompeteler, Head of Design, C&GLI & BTEC Media & Communications Diploma Courses,
Carshalton College of FE.

'Simon Gall was Visiting Lecturer and Group Tutor for five years. He was a flexible, energetic and courteous colleague who would be an asset to any staff team. His combination of relevant practical and teaching experience, together with his excellent personal qualities makes him an ideal lecturer.'  
Jerry Cook, Head of Department, BTEC Diploma in Media [& Media Law];
Mid-Kent F&HE College.

'As Visiting Lecturer in BTEC radio production, journalism and media law, over four years, Simon Gall was a proficient and well liked professional. I recommend him without hesitation to other colleges.'
Mary Collier, Head of School,C&GLI & BTEC Diploma courses in Business, Media, Journalism
Brooklands F&HE College.

1985 to 1990
'I can wholeheartedly recommend Simon Gall to Directorates in the sound or television business and wish him luck in any future venture.'
Ray Moulden , CTO, Virgin TV Facilities Ltd.

'I found him an inspiration with whom it is easy to relate and whose widely respected Consultancy services have been highly beneficial to both myself and to those colleagues who have gained from his insight.'
Mr Nik Rawlinson Editor, VNU Computer Publications.

'Simon was an outstanding Station Sound Manager (nominated for industry awards).
I commend him to future Directors, or those who may use his outstanding abilities in a consultative or advisory capacity, and wish him well in the future.'
Keith Belcher, MD, Spectrum International Radio Ltd.

'Additional to his day jobs in the media industry, Simon Gall was a part-time gymnasium/fitness instructor, employed on occasional weekday evenings and as Club Manager on weekends. ...I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Simon.'
Christine M Greenfield-Day, General Manager, Ravelles Health ClubsLtd.

'Simon worked as an [international] broadcast journalist and technician, then Q&A and features writer and producer for VoA; broadcasting across Western Europe and occasionally across the USA. He was a proficient and popular professional who left us on the best of terms.'
Edie Smith, Chief Editor, Voice of America News - Europe.