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Simon Gall  Investor Marketing Specialis

Strategic, direct, board-level connections, mainly for and between venture-financiers, over very many years =

* direct-introductions,

* social-media,

* finance-platforms,

* private and industry events,

* broadcast and published media!


I always work on short-term contracts (very often recontracted) with clients who are predominantly CEOs of venture-finance industry firms.

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Written Endorsements (fully published within this site)  =  

2022-2020:   Editor, Family Capital Publishing;  CEO, Fujita Family;  MD, Fenton Capital;  CEO, G2E Family Office Events; COO, Regionally;  CEO, Eleven Media;  CEO, Music Rights Investments;  CEO, Stakeholderz;  COO, Wolves Digital; CEO, Supernode Global VC;  CEO, SFO Alliance;  CEO, Mill Group SFO;  CEO, The Disruption House;  CEO, Jealous Investments VC;  MD, Schroders Bank Europe; CEO, Gateway2Enterprise;   MD, Suss Ventures VC;  COO, Capitale Ventures VC Singapore;  CEO, Mountside Venture Partners;   CEO, TIG Corporate Finance M&A;   MD, Leading Edge Only;  CEO, Scribestar;  COO, Sandaire PWM;   Head of BD, Titanbay LP-platform;   Head of Private Wealth, PwC;   CEO, Stadden Forbes SFO & PWM;   CEO, Ellanstone Capital;   CEO, Gii Finance Group;   Head of Research, Savanta;  CEO, Funding Focus;  CEO, Eximius Group;  Editor, Family Office Elite magazine.  


2019-2006:    MD, Soho Ventures India;  Head of BD, Trident Trust Guernsey Fund Administrators;  CEO, Finlight;  BDM, G9 Private Office;  MD, Blue Titan Capital;  Board Advisor, EBRD;  CEO Superseed Ventures VC;  MD, tx2 Tech-CEO Events;  CEO, DC Finance SFO Events;  MD, Converge Group;  CEO, Newpath Global;  Head of PE, SAP EMEA Private Equity Group;  CEO, Hambro Perks VC;  Chair, Jersey Hedge Fund Managers Group; CEO, Chelsea Corporate M&A;  CEO, The Security Institute;  BDD, Gemstone SFO;  Head of Marketing, Fasken Martineau Europe LLP;  CEO, Whitespace Ventures PE;  CEO, Jenson Solutions & Jenson Funding Partners VC;  CEO, Jersey Finance;  BDM, SS&C International Fund Administrators;  CEO, Ascendant Corporate Finance;  COO, Jet Blue Tech Ventures USA VC;   BDM, HEP Capital;   Sir Paul Judge;   Gary Waller MP [Which? Magazine];   CEO, Integrity Capital;  CEO, Imprima.com Group;   CEO, Beth Lauren Film Production;   CEO, Connect Midlands Organisation;  Investment Analyst, Capital Partners Group PE;   CEO, Rockpool Investments VC;   CEO, BriceAmery Capital VC;   CEO, PrivateFly;   Head of Exec MBAs in VC/PE, Chicago Booth Uni', London;   CEO, BurdenDare Investment Network;   CEO, Intelligent Energy;  Head of Tech, 3i plc VC;   CEO, Horizon Technologies;  Head of Tech, GTM-NASDAQ;  CEO, Venesis VC;  CEO, Nickleby Capital PE & VC;  CEO, Venturehaus;  CEO, Policy Tracker;  Chair, Hedge Fund Exchange;  CEO, The Energy Efficiency Association;  MD, AMAC;  MD, MA TV;  CEO, Lorachell International;  CEO, Interregnum Capital Partners VC;  Investment Manager, Ereni Partners & Siemens VC;  CEO, Alpha Capital VC;  COO, Wikipedia. 


2005-1997:   BDM, Morrison Miller Associates;  MD, Silver Fox Venture Partners VC;  Chair, Foreign & Colonial Bank;  Chair, ICAEW Board of Ethics;  CEO, Valetti Group;  MD, DirectorZone;  MD, PerfectPlay;  MD, Otodio;  MD, Cambridge Business Network;  CEO, 360 Resourcing;  CEO, Harley Street Cosmetic;  CEO, Oxbridge Capital VC;  CEO, The Touchpaper Group;  MD, E-ssociates;  MD, John Lewis & Associates M&A;  MD, Production Base;  BDM, Tokyo Kikaku;  BDM, CMDB;  CEO, RankGold Group SFO;  CEO, LCG International;  BDM, IBM Europe;  CEO, Qdos Media;  CEO, Trafalgar Computer Group;   MD, C-Cure (UK MoD). 


1996-1991:   Heads of Media Departments at... Surrey Institute of Art & Design University;  South Bank University;  Farnborough F&HE College;   Carshalton College of FE;  Mid Kent F&HE College;  Brooklands F&HE College;   Northbrook F&HE College;  University College of Ripon & York StJohn.   Head of Div'24, City & Guilds;    Committee Chair, Chartered Institute of Journalists. 


1990-1985:   CTO, Virgin TV Facilities;  Editor, VNU Computer Publications;  CEO, Spectrum International Radio;  Editor in Chief, Voice of America News Europe;  MD, Ravelles Health Clubs;  MD, Aosis Studios;  CEO, AsiaSat Radio; MD, Coventry Centre for Training & Media; MD, Hellenic Cable TV; Head of News, London Broadcasting Company; MD, BBC Odyssey Facilities;  CEO, Videosonics TV Facilities; Head of Production, British Forces Broadcasting Company;  MD, Motivation Sounds;  Head of News, Canadian Broadcasting Company;  CEO, Silk Sounds Audio Facilities;  MD, Radio Tracks Studios;  MD, Powerplant Music Studios;  MD, Red Shop Sound Recording Studios.


1984-1979:  NEI Parsons Engineering Company;  Sandyford College NNEB course;  Newcastle Social Services;  Keeping Newcastle Warm; Newcastle Racetrack.