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Career History = 

1979-85: Buying/Stores/Wages Clerk, Nurse to mentally ill, then Student Nursery [Childrens] Nurse, in Newcastle upon Tyne.

1985 - 2020: London =

1985-91: Sound recording engineer in music, radio and TV, then radio media producer and presenter.

Full Member of the Institute of Broadcast Sound [IBS].
Evenings and weekends worked as an accredited fitness instructor, then health-club manager.

1991: Founder-manager of Europe’s first multi-ethnic radio station. 

Broadcast and Freelance Committees Member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists [CIoJ].

1991-97: Combinedly tutored and lectured journalism, media, media law business diplomas, degrees and higher degrees in four universities and eight colleges, wrote formally accredited courses, won industry awards and advised companies and government organisations.

Full Member of the National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education [NATFHE].

1996: Foresaw the Internet’s potential; nearly launched first ever ‘media-industry portal' with IBM & BT CXOs.

1997-2003: Internet and hi-tech businessman; also consulted multiple tech companies' founders and investors as a UK Government approved Board Advisor.

2003-13: Foresaw the possibilities of funding portals and became a leading exponent on the industry. 
Designed one of the first venture-investing websites.

Tech entrepreneur and board-level business consultant for and with UK government entities and private companies.

2013-20: Focused 'on strategic relationship-marketing and consulting contracts; clients predominantly senior venture financiers, investors and select associated events companies' CEOs.
Also advised and ran my own by-invitation-only functions and events for major venture financiers.


Emigrated to Japan (June 2020). 

As on my website's homepage: Strategic, direct, introducing and connecting CEOs at board-level for major venture-financiers, over many years.


2024:   Continuing to provide my services as before, with new and repeat-client contracts.

New clients usually referred by my network.

Additionally, I may be interested in again becoming a long-term Business Development Director / Board Advisor in an interesting new business, whether or not it is in the venture-finance industry, but as yet haven't seen one which I feel comfortable accepting.

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