1996 to 2002

'I headhunted Simon Gall, to work for Oxbridge Capital as our Consultant VP, Business Development & PR.

He brought multiple senior investment and corporate firms into contractual relationships.  

A gentleman with great patience, expertise and knowledge.
We continue to seek his expertise as an Associate for our company and can recommend him to any other venture capital, corporate or independent incubation firm and those who may consider employing him as a Director or Senior Consultant.'

CEO, Oxbridge Capital [VC] 

'Simon's grasp of the way both the venture capital ecommerce marketplaces evolve is highly impressive.  

He has shown that he has an excellent appreciation of what is required to create a successful business in the new economy and has provided wise counsel to us.'
Mark Ritchie, CEO, The Touchpaper Group (soon-after sold to Avocent Corp for £30m).

'Throughout his time with E-ssociates Ltd we and our clientele found him to be a very valuable asset to our business.

His advice, dedication, integrity and work we found to be unquestionable and of the highest quality.'
Suzanne Carnall , MD, E-ssociates Ltd ( soon-after MBI'd into client GolfSurgery.com) 
'I came to appreciate his strengths of honesty, empathy with clients, diligence applied to a broad knowledge of best practice in business.

His greatest strength is his holistic approach to strategic thinking, building team confidence, directing new and better alternatives in marketing, sales, communication, public relations, partnerships and general business development.'
John Lewis (now deceased)
Chair, John Lewis & Associates (leverage investment & turn-around syndicate).

'He proved himself to be the most impartial and most practical advisor and an effective and trustworthy professional.

A person who cuts through the current industry-wide hyperbole and produces worthy business advice.'
Bill McClellan, MD, Production Base [Now fully Retired]

'Working with him was in many ways a refreshing experience. He is a creative, highly motivated individual with a deep understanding in cultural differences, who helped us greatly to seek and develop UK market opportunities.'

(Much better than the marketing companies we used before.  Amazingly created meetings for us with all of our ideal clients including Sir Richard Rogers, Philippe Stark, Ron Arad and many more famous industry leaders).
Mr Junichi Kurosawa, Executive Director, Tokyo Kikaku [CMDB] Ltd, (JAPAN)

'Simon Gall is a man of many practical talents and abilities supported by a wealth of expertise. I can highly recommend him.' 
Mr Takeshi Yonemori, MD, RankGold UK Group of Ltd Companies (JAPAN)
'He did amazing work for two of my businesses in London within a very short period of time. Mr Gall is an Entrepreneur whom I am confident shall also become a leading-light in the not too distant future.'

Group CEO, Life Commune Group International, JAPAN  [and the CEO's private Family Office]
'Working with him on a multi-million pound venture'  found Simon Gall to be that rare combination of an independent analytical mind mixed with a very visionary and energetic, entrepreneurial spirit.

A man who gets results.

I certainly look forward to working with him again.'

Senior IT Consultant, IBM Europe



'From our first meeting with Simon we found him beneficial. Simon acted as our External Advisor, giving us practical advice and alternative ideas on our negotiations in the acquisition of venture capital. We look forward to working with Simon again.'
ohn Monteith (now retired),
CEO, Qdos Media
'Simon was well respected for his investigative qualities and his ability to present coherent reports on complex matters.  

We [the Board] are confident that had Simon Gall been allowed to extend his contract we would have been successful in either securing funds or establishing a technology partner relationship.'  
Mike Escott, Chairman, Trafalgar Computer Group  [trade sale in Q1, 2007 to the British Standards Institute]
'Simon Gall very quickly proved he could build and establish very high level business deals with such entrepreneurial vigour that it leaves others standing in his wake. A man to have on your side and woe betide you if he's your competitor.'

Charles, CTO, C-Cure  (UK Ministry of Defence / HMSO.  Now fully retired)

1991 to 1996

'He has designed, taught and assessed with great conscientiousness and professionalism.

His experience in the industry has enabled him to support his well researched lectures with case studies from the real world and to bring in major figures from the industry as guest lecturers.'  
Larry Baker, Head of Department, BA(Hons) Media Studies degree;
The Surrey Institute of Art & Design University College


'Simon wrote and lectured the radio production and media law units of the BSc program.

He also specified and installed professional quality audio studios.

In addition he wrote and delivered a number of specialist radio production units, often working out-of-hours on special assignments and projects.
He was a gifted academic and media professional, well known and sought-after by the higher education centres across the Southeast of England.

I can thoroughly recommend him as a dedicated, hard working, professional colleague!'  
Trevor Harris, Head of Department, BSc Media in Society degree;
South Bank University



'He proved himself to be a skilled and knowledgeable lecturer who brought an enthusiam and commitment to the lessons, which were very much appreciated by the students.

I am very happy to confirm that Simon lived up to all our expectations of him.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him!'

Alan Harding, Head of Department, HND Media with Business Studies course, 
Farnborough F&HE College of Technology


'For five years Simon taught audio and radio production BTEC & C&GLI diplomas as Visiting Lecturer, and Tutor.

He rewrote and improved all of these modules.

His excellent industrial contacts and experience brought success in funding substantial new equipment.

Under his sole guidance, students won a national radio competition sponsored by Warner Bothers.

We shall have no hesitation in re-employing him.'
Mark Trompeteler, Head of Design, C&GLI & BTEC Media & Communications Diploma Courses,
Carshalton College of FE



'Simon Gall was Visiting Lecturer and Group Tutor for five years.

He was a flexible, energetic and courteous colleague who would be an asset to any staff team.

His combination of relevant practical and teaching experience, together with his excellent personal qualities makes him an ideal lecturer.'  
Jerry Cook, Head of Department, BTEC Diploma in Media [& Media Law];
Mid-Kent F&HE College



'As Visiting Lecturer in BTEC radio production, journalism and media law, over four years, Simon Gall was a proficient and well liked professional. I recommend him without hesitation to other colleges.'
Mary Collier, Head of School, C&GLI & BTEC Diploma courses in Business, Media, Journalism
Brooklands F&HE College


'At City & Guilds we pride ourselves on producing and developing the highest quality courses for academic institutions.
We contracted Simon Gall as a Senior Advisor to develop our Journalism, Media, Media law and Broadcasting courses, thereafter the General National Vocational Qualification courses.
He was a very knowledgeable and very well liked practitioner.

My colleagues and I welcome any opportunity to work with him again.'

Mr Chandra Morar, Head of Division 24, City & Guilds


'Simon is a superb Lecturer.  I have no hesitation in recommending him to other colleges and universities.'

Mike Etherington, Senior Lecturer, Northbrook H&FE College.


'For four years I have welcomed Simon travelling from London to teach the BSc (Hons) Media Studies students.

He has an in-depth practical and analytical understanding of media, media law and communication psychology. 

His lesson plans are well written and he is universally liked and respected by all students and staff. 

I will readily contract Simon again.'

Mr Chris Baxter, Assistant Director of Studies, University College of Ripon & York St John.


'This open-letter is written to confirm that Mr Simon J. Gall is a valued member of the Freelance and Broadcast Committees of the Chartered Institute of Journalists.'

Charles Murray, Chairman, Broadcast Division & Committee Member of the CIoJ.


1985 to 1990
'I can wholeheartedly recommend Simon Gall to Directorates in the sound or television business and wish him luck in any future venture.'

Ray Moulden , CTO, Virgin TV Facilities Ltd


'I found him an inspiration with whom it is easy to relate and whose widely respected Consultancy services have been highly beneficial to both myself and to those colleagues who have gained from his insight.'
Mr Nik Rawlinson Editor, VNU Computer Publications.


'Simon was an outstanding Station Sound Manager (nominated for industry awards).
I commend him to future Directors, or those who may use his outstanding abilities in a consultative or advisory capacity, and wish him well in the future.'

Keith Belcher, MD, Spectrum International Radio Ltd.


'Simon worked as an [international] broadcast journalist and technician, then Q&A and features writer and producer for VoA; broadcasting across Western Europe and occasionally across the USA.

He was a proficient and popular professional who left us on the best of terms.'
Edie Smith, Chief Editor, Voice of America News Europe.

'Additional to his day jobs in the media industry, Simon Gall was a part-time gymnasium/fitness instructor, employed on occasional weekday evenings and as Club Manager on weekends. ...I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Simon.'

Christine M Greenfield-Day, General Manager, Ravelles Health ClubsLtd.






Other endorsed London work included a very successful freelance career as . . . 

Broadcast Radio Technician & Consultant; Broadcast Journalist; Producer:-

Aosis Studios; AsiaSat Radio; Coventry Centre for Training & Media; Hellenic Cable TV; London Broadcasting Company; BBC Odyssey Facilities; Videosonics TV Facilities; British Forces Broadcasting Company; Motivation Sounds; Canadian Broadcasting Company; Silk Sounds Audio Facilities;  Radio Tracks Studios; Powerplant Music Studios; Red Shop Sound Recording Studios.

Other endorsed Newcastle upon Tyne work:-


1979 to 1984

Rock to Jazz-fusion drummer (and small-time occasional session player) various music studios.

Wages Clerk, Accounts, at 2,000 staff NEI Parsons Engineering Company.

First male-student Nursery [Childrens] Nurse in England, NNEB.

Assistant Nurse to the Mentally Ill, Newcastle Social Services.

Survey Assistant and Casework Advisor, Keeping Newcastle Warm.

Evenings Bar Assistant, Newcastle Race Track.